Friday, March 4, 2011

I Went Shopping!

I went to Tops yesterday fully armed with my Coupon Doublers that I told you about at the beginning of the week.  One of the great Cashiers at my store told me if I went through self check out I could split up my transactions and use 4 Doublers for each transaction instead of making multiple trips to Tops!  AWESOME!

Here is what I got:
3.5 lbs Sirloin Steak
8 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
2lbs Green Seedless Grapes
2 Limes
Ginger Root
2 Packages Bean sprouts
14 Sweet Red Bell peppers
Organic baby carrots
1 Tops Steamed Veggies
3 Half Gallons Blue Diamond Almond Milk (H is off of dairy)
1 Dozen Large Eggs
2 Tops brand 64 oz all natural unsweetened Apple juice
1 Simply Limeade (im freezing this for tequila limeade slushies on my new patio come this summer)
2 Friendship low fat cottage cheese
2 Friendship Light Sour cream
2 Yoplait Greek yogurts
1 Parkay
4 Kraft Shredded cheese
12 Redpack peeled, crushed, and diced tomoatos
Hoisin Sauce
2 Kikkoman teriyaki marinade
1 Quaker Oats High Fiber oatmeal
1 Quaker Oats Cinnamon Oatmeal squares
1 Roman Meal wheat bread
6 loaves of Peppridge Farms Swirl bread
Chow mein noodles
2 packages of Rice noodles
6 idahoan mashed potatoes
6 jars of Prego
12 Bar-S turkey hotdogs
8 Pop secret Homestyle popcorn
2 Aunt Jemima Waffles
12 Gortons Fish sticks
7 Weaver Chicken Breast nuggets
1 Gortons grilled tilapia
4 rosseto stuffed raviolis
1 jimmy dean sausage
1 Duncan Hines dark chocolate brownies
Total before coupons: $379.23
Total after coupons: $130.58
I saved $248.65

I am a stockpiler, so most of these items go into the stockpile.  I also have so many groceries from the last few weeks that I have stockpiled that I'm pretty sure i don't have to shop for the next 2 months except for some fresh veggies, fruit, bread, milk, eggs.... but that's it!

I spent  more than I normally do.  I usually break up my shopping and do it weekly, but with Doublers, I wanted to do as much as I could this week and take full advantage of the great savings. My monthly budget  for the 4 of us (including diapers) was $200/month, but I have been trying to lower it to $120/month.  Please understand that even though I dont need 12 bags of fish sticks right this minute,  I got these at a stock up price and I wanted to stock up for the year.  Same thing with the popcorn, nuggets, redpack tomatoes etc.  I stock up when I can get this stuff for pennies.  That saves me money in the long run. Also, a lot of the things I bought this week were for a Weight Watchers Recipe I wanted to try for Vietnamese Pho.  It turned out AWESOME! Except, we ate it all - but that's ok because I bought enough to make a ton more!  

My favorite part of all of this is I've saved up $ .90/gallon of gas this week from all my coupons and shopping!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dollar Doublers at Tops this week!

Happy dance for the 4 Doubler coupons you can find in this weeks Tops ad.  That means you can use them with any coupons for $1 making it a $2 coupon!
Also, please note that you can only use 4 per transaction and these do not count towards your 10 coupons you can use for 100 extra gas points.  That means I will be making a few trips to Tops this week to maximize my savings! Also, you have to spend at least $15 dollars to use these coupons. I have found some stores really watch to make sure you spend the minimum amount, and some cashiers don't care if you spend $15 and will let you use them regardless. 

Here are a few of my favorite sales this week:

Red or Green Seedless Grapes – $1.29/lb.
Sugardale Smoked Ham – $0.99/lb. 

Ronzoni Pasta – 10/$10
$1/2 Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta printable
$1/2 Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta printable
Final Price: 2 FREE after $1/2 coupon and dollar doubler!

Red Pack Tomatoes (28-29 oz.) – 10/$10
$0.75/2 Red Pack Tomatoes (14.5 oz. or larger) printable
Final Price:  $0.25 each after coupon!

Red Pack Tomato Sauce & Paste – 2/$1
$1/3 Red Pack Tomatoes, exp. 4-9-11 (SS 01/09/11)
$0.17 each after coupon!
FREE + $0.50 overage after coupon and dollar doubler!

Prego Pasta Sauce – 3/$5
$1/3 Prego Italian Sauce, exp. 3-31-11 (SS 01/02/11 #2)
$1 each after $1/3 coupon and dollar doubler!

Quaker Oatmeal Squares – 2/$5
$1/1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 01/30/11 #2)
$0.50 after coupon and dollar doubler!

Birds Eye Fresh Frozen Select Vegetables – 10/$10
$1/3 Birds Eye Vegetables, exp. 3-13-11 (SS 01/23/11)
$0.33 each after coupon and dollar doubler!

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk (64 oz.) – 2/$5
$0.50/1 Blue Diamond Product printable (incase you dont have the $1 mq, use this printable to get milk for $1.50 which is still a great price for almond milk)

$1/1 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, exp. 4-30-11 (SS 01/30/11)
$0.50 after coupon and dollar doubler!

Pop-Secret Microwave Popcorn (3 pk) – BOGO (2/$2.89)
$1/2 Pop Secret Product, exp. 3-13-11 (RP 01/30/11 #2)
$1/2 Pop Secret Product, exp. 4-3-11 (RP 02/20/11)
$0.45 each after coupon and dollar doubler!

Coffeemate Flavored Creamers (16 oz.) – 3/$5
$0.75/1 Coffee-mate Liquid or Powder Creamer Product printable
$1.50/1 Coffee-mate Liquid or Powder Creamer Product printable
$1/2 Nestle Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 01/30/11 #2)
As low as $0.17 after coupon!
$0.67 each after $1/2 coupon and dollar doubler!

Bar-S Meat Franks or Bologna – 10/$10
$1/2 Bar-S Product printable
$1/2 Bar-S Franks or Bologna, exp. 4-25-11 (RP 01/30/11)
$0.50 each after coupon!
2 FREE after coupon and dollar doubler!


Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread (16 oz.) – BOGO (2/$3.89)
$1/2 Pepperidge Farm Bread or Bagels, exp. 4-10-11 (SS 02/13/11)
$0.95 each after $1/2 coupon and dollar doubler!

Propel Zero Fitness Water – 10/$10
$1/2 Propel Zero Calorie Drink, exp. 5-31-11 (SS 02/13/11)
$0.50 each after coupon!
2 FREE after coupon and dollar doubler!

Zone Perfect Bars – 10/$10
$0.55/1 Zone Perfect Bars, exp. 3-31-11 (SS 01/16/11)
FREE after coupon!

:: Frozen Foods Catalina Coupon Offer ::

-Spend $20 in participating products, receive a coupon for $5 OYNO (off your next order)
-Spend $30 in participating products, receive a coupon for $10 OYNO

Buy (4) Gorton’s Frozen Fish Products ($8.36)
Buy (4) Aunt Jemima Products ($6)
Buy (4) Rosetto Ravioli ($12)
Buy (1) Marie Callender’s Bakes ($5.49)

Total before coupons: $31.85
Use (4) $1/1 Gorton’s Item, exp. 4-23-11 (SS 01/16/11)
Use (2) $1.50/2 Rosetto Product printable
Use (2) $1/2 Aunt Jemima Products printable
Use $1/1 Marie Callender’s Bakes, exp. 3-31-11
Use (4) Dollar Doublers
Total after coupons: $17.85, plus receive $10 Catalina; $7.85 for everything!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Diaper Deal for all the Mommas Out There (and Dads too)

Walgreens is having a sale on their brand of dipaers starting sunday! I've used these diapers once before - and they were great.  I actually sent them to school with my son because they change him every 2 hours there regardless if he needs it or not, so i figured even if these things werent the greatest - he'd never have time to see just how much they could hold. 

Here's how to score some dipes on the cheap!

W Brand Diapers Buy 1 Get 1 Free or 2/$8.99
$2.00/1 W Brand Diapers Coupon from Infant Care Booklet (should deduct $4)
Final Price: $2.50 each!

The last time I bought these diapers there were peelies on the packages for $2 off wipes too! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tops Deals 2/7 - 2/13

I'm not in love with Tops this week.  I don't see any freebies. Boo! There are a few sales worth mentioning.  And for every coupon you use (up to 10 per transaction)  you get an extra 10 gas points.

Chicken Leg Quarters ...$.49 lb

Purina Cat Chow $3.99
$1 off Purina Cat Chow (SS 2/06/11)
Final Price: $2.99

Marcal Bath Tissue (12 dbl. roll or 24 reg. roll) or Paper Towels (8 roll) – $3.99
$1 off Marcal Small Steps Products, exp. 3-20-11 (RP 02/06/11)
Final Price: $2.99 after coupon!

Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables – 10/$10
$1/3 Birds Eye Vegetables, exp. 3-13-11 (SS 01/23/11)
Final Price: $0.67 each after coupon!      
(these will get you a monopoly piece per bag!)

Peter Pan Peanut Butter (13-16.3 oz.) – 2/$3
$1/2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter, exp. 2-28-11 (SS 01/02/11)
Final Price: $1.00 after coupon!

Yoplait Yogurt (4-6 oz.) – 20/$10
$0.75/4 Yoplait Light Yogurt Cups printable

 $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, exp. 2-26-11 (GM 01/02/11)
Final Price: As low as $0.13 each after coupon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Favorite Rite Aid Sales

I Love Sundays! I'm getting ready for the Superbowl but I wanted to just put this out there for any of my readers who wanted to make a Rite Aid run today!  I'm seeing FREE Cake mix and Cookie mix! WOOT! I have a lot of Birthdays coming up and I love to bake so this is a perfect time for me to stock up! Here's the Deal:

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Cookie Mix, and Frosting $2ea
Get $2 +Up when you buy 2
AND there is a month long $1 +Up promo for these too!
so, if you buy 2 items you get (1) $2 +Up AND (2) $1 +UP, making these, essentially free!
here are a few coupons you can use

$1/2 Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix AND Frosting (exp 3/26/2011) 1/30/2011 SS
$.50 off when you buy both cake mix AND frosting
$.40 off one pouch of cookie mix
and you can stack it with the
-$1 off 2 Betty Crocker Baking Items video values 02/2011

WOOT! that's a definite moneymaker people!  

I have a bunch of +Ups from the sales last week, so I am going to pay for my transaction in all Rite Aid money! WOOHOO!

I'm looking over the Tops ads now so come back and check out any good sales going on this week.  I did notice that they are doing the coupon gas campaign again, which I LOVE!  I got 300 extra points last week just from using coupons.  CHEAP GAS (well i guess its not cheap, but its better than paying full price)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy way to Earn Gas Points at Tops!

While at my local Tops I was chit chatting with the manager and she informed me of a new way to earn gas points.  Tops will be giving their customers 10 gas points for every coupon that they use!  WHAT?!?!?  If this is true I'm pretty sure I'm getting free gas!

Now, I'm not 100% sure how this is going to work and I have a ton of questions that I will be emailing their Customer Affairs Reps and as soon as I get all the info I will be sure to post it! If you have any questions you want me to direct their way, please comment in the space below! Id love to hear from you!

Here are some of the questions ill be asking:

Is there a limit to how many gas points you can earn?

Will all coupons used go towards the total including Internet printed coupons? 

Do both store and manufacturer coupons count? 

Can you imagine?  CHEAP GAS? *happy dancin' in the kitchen right now*

My Favorite Sales For The Week! 1/30-2/6

With all the Freebies this week, I woke up Sunday like it was Christmas morning! Here is just a list of my favorite sales going on this week and a few different stores.  I know its been a while since we couponed together but maybe just these few easy sales will help us all ease back into it!  I hope you have been saving your coupon inserts!

Rite Aid 

Jif PB $1.99
Buy 2 and Use:
$1/2 adperk
Receive $1 +up for each
Final Price: $.98 for 2 after +Up Reward

Hartz Crunch n’ Clean Dog Treats $2.99
$1.00/1 – Crunch n’ Clean Dog Biscuit, Chew Bone or Dog Treat – (
Pay:  $1.99, Receive 2 $1 +Up Reward
Final Price:  Free

Spend $15 in select items and get $5 +Up back. See the ad for the entire list of items. Some highlights.  Limit 1 +Up reward per Wellness card:

Chex Mix $1.50
Buy 2 and Use:
$1/2 Chex mix coupon (GM 01/02/11 insert)

or $.50/2 chex mix (SS 01/30/11 insert)
Stacked with
.50/1 ad perk coupon
Receive$1 +Up for each bag
Final Price: Free- .50 money maker after coupons and +Up

Lays Stax Potato Chips $1
There is a +Up printing for each one that you buy making these Free
(In fact, my husband bought 6, paid with $6 in +Ups, his total was $0 and he got $6+Ups back. Way to roll em!) 

Edys or Dreyer’s Ice Cream $2.99
Get $2 +Up Reward
Final Price: .99

Dixie Paper Plates BOGO $3.99/2
$3/2 adperk
Final Price: $.99 for 2

HEART HEALTH REWARD: Get $10 +Up Reward when you spend $30, or $20 +Up Reward when you spend $50. Includes:

Colgate Total $2.99
Get $2 +Up Reward
Use $1/1 Colgate Total, exp. 2-5-11 (SS 01/16/11)
or Use $1/1 Colgate Total, exp. 2-5-11 (SS 01/16/11)
Final Price: Free!

Afrin or Coricidin $5.99
Get $4 +Up Reward
Use $2/1 ad perk coupon for Afrin
or Use $2/1 ad perk coupon for Corcidin
Use $2/1 Corcidin coupon
Use $3/1 Afrin coupon
or Use $2/1 Coricidin coupon
Final price: $2 money maker after coupons

Viactiv $6.99
Get $3 +Up Reward
Use $3/1 Viactiv Soft Chews, exp. 4-30-11 (SS 01/16/11)
or Use $2/1 Viactiv Soft Chew printable
Final Price: as low as .99

Tops Markets

La Choy Soy Sauce or Marinade 2/$3
$0.75/1 La Choy Stir Fry Sauce or Marinade
Final Price: FREE after coupon!

Frank's Hot Sauce  $1.99
$1/2 Franks Redhot Product, exp. 3-31-11 (SS 01/23/11)
$0.75/1 Frank’s Redhot Chili Sauce printable
$0.50/1 Frank’s Redhot printable
Final Price=$.49-$1.49
Furmano’s Tomatoes (14.5 oz.) $1
$1/3 Furmano’s Tomatoes, exp. 3-31-11 (SS 01/30/11)
Final Price= $.67 each
Athenos Hummus – BOGO (2/$2.49)
$1/1 Athenos Feta, Hummus, Baked Pita Chips or Greek Yogurt printable
$2/2 Athenos Hummus Product printable
$2/2 Athenos Hummus Product printable
Final Price: $ .49 for 2

Buy (4) Kraft Individually Wrapped Cheese Singles ($8)
Use (4) $0.75/1 Kraft 2% or Fat Free Singles, exp. 2-28-11 (SS 01/09/11)
Receive $2 off instantly
FREE after coupons and instant savings!

Seedless Oranges (4 lb.) or Red Grapefruit (5 lb.) – BOGO $4.99/2

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – $1.99/lb.

Eggland’s Best Large Eggs (dozen) – 2/$4
$1/2 Eggland’s Best Eggs, exp. 6-30-11 (SS 01/30/11)
Final Price: $1.50ea

Bison Dip (12 oz.) – 2/$3
$0.35/1 Bison Honey Mustard Dip, exp. 1-31-11 (SS 12/05/10)
$0.35/1 Bison Dip, exp. 2-28-11 (SS 01/16/11)
Final Price: $0.8ea

 Ragu Pasta Sauce (16-26 oz.) – 2/$3
$1.25/3 Ragu Pasta Sauce, exp. 2-27-11 (RP 01/30/11)
Final Price:  $1.08 ea

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits – BOGO (2/$2.19)
$0.30/2 Pillsbury Grands! printable
$1/3 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, exp. 2-12-11 (SS 11/21/10)
Final Price: $ .80 -$ .85 ea

Thanks to Coupons For Your Family and Swagsaver for some of these matchups! 

Welcome Back!

Who's ready to get back to saving money?

I took a break from blogging during the holidays.  With family in town and being the sole shopper in the house, I didnt really have a lot of time for extra curriculars, not to mention my 8 year old PC was on the fritz, (thanks to my MIL for a great new computer) I'm ready to get back to it!
A few things have changed here at The Crazy Coupon Lady.  First of all, I need a new name! Couponing has become really popular lately  with the TLC program Extreme Couponing.  This show is great and one of the extreme couponers featured has a blog called The Krazy Coupon Lady and it is a very popular blog.  These 2 ladies who run the blog have been on the today show, and have written a book about couponing.  Needless to say, I cant compete, and I don't even want to try.  So right now I am looking to change the name of this blog.  I would love any suggestions from my readers! I  am also thinking about teaching a class on couponing. Many readers and friends  have asked me to teach them how I do it and instead of trying to teach everyone individually how fun would it be to get everyone who is interested to all learn together?! Being the coupon nerd that I am, I know I would love it!  So please let me know if any of you would be interested in something like that!

I know its been a while but I hope you all keep checking back for all the great deals I will be posting!  For my local readers, I have some pretty exciting freebies and fun sales for Rite Aid and Tops that I will be posting later today, so be sure to brush up Coupon lingo and  your coupon policies!

Monday, November 29, 2010

American Apparel Dress $6.91 Shipped!

Modnique has a great sale on American Apparel for the next hour!

Use Code: star and your $5.00 credit for signing up through my referral link and you can get this cute turtle neck dress from American Apparel for around $7 (your shipping charges may be different then mine) They have a lot of other cute stuff too, but its going fast!